Education in Brussels & YOGA in the classroom !

(translated from Dutch: Onderwijs in Brussel is … YOGA in de klas! : in French: L’enseignement bruxellois et la pratique du YOGA en classe!)

Teachers (in Brussels) are looking for an approach to manage stress and bring calm into the classroom. This is essential for learning, especially for children growing up in a metropolitan environment and / or in poverty.

For example, in classes in brussels, more and more teachers introduce methods such as “mindfulness”; “movement and breathing breaks”; “philosophy with children”; and also “yoga”.

Butzer and Flynn collected research data and formulated seven areas in which yoga practice in class could potentially have positive effects. Researchers remain very cautious because of the limited data and the sometimes poor quality of the studies.

  • Regulation of emotions;
  • Academic performance;
  • reduced anxiety and tension;
  • resilience to stress;
  • fewer problem behaviors;
  • physical well-being;
  • increased teacher well-being and positive class climate.

This eBook provides an overview of what the science says about yoga for health, including its use by children, older adults, pregnant women, and people with health conditions:

In Brussels, in several Dutch speaking schools, teachers make use of yoga. In this video, children from De Goudenregen in Ganshoren (Brussels) talk about their yoga in the classroom.

Scientific research on the practice of yoga in the classroom is relatively new. More research needs to be done to determine the benefits. But practicing yoga in class certainly does no harm. In conclusion, if you and your students feel comfortable with this: just do it !

I would like to finish with a quote from Dr. Michael de Manincor “The more control we have in our mind, the more power we have in our life.”


Also see this article: Movement And Breathing Breaks Help Students Stay Focused On Learning

Gepubliceerd door Piet Vervaecke

Directeur Onderwijscentrum Brussel

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