On superdiversity and differentiation… (Urban Education, 2)

(Translated from Dutch Onderwijs in Brussel is… urban education, superdiversiteit en differentiëren (2)) Significant individual differences… In a superdiverse classroom, we can no longer talk about groups of children: the non-Dutch speakers, the Turkish children or the disadvantaged pupils, for example. Each pupil is different and the differences are so big and spread over so many differentMeer lezen over “On superdiversity and differentiation… (Urban Education, 2)”

On the context of urban education, Brussels and superdiversity (Urban Education, 1)

In the average Brussels classroom we find pupils from very different migration backgrounds, who speak a variety of languages at home. There are also significant socio-economic and cultural differences and there are few ‘uniform’ groups. The white and black classes have disappeared, there is no majority or minority. A Brussels classroom is, by definition, superdiverse.