Multilingualism, a minister and a policy paper (Urban Education, 6)

translated from dutch Onderwijs in Brussel is… urban education: meertaligheid, een minister en een beleidsnota (6) On multilingualism in multilingual Brussels… I have written about multilingualism and metropolitan education before (read it here).Today, I would like to focus on the “Promotion of Multilingualism 2019-2024” orientation paper published by the minister for the “promotion of multilingualism” inMeer lezen over “Multilingualism, a minister and a policy paper (Urban Education, 6)”

Collaboration with the environment… (Urban Education, 5)

translated from Dutch: Onderwijs in Brussel is… urban education, samenwerking met de omgeving (5) Rich environment Children and young people in Brussels are growing up in a society that is becoming increasingly complex and diverse. Social inequality, multilingualism, cultural diversity and poverty are part of their world and have a real impact on their lives. AsMeer lezen over “Collaboration with the environment… (Urban Education, 5)”

Parents as partners of the school… (Urban Education, 4)

(translated from dutch Partnerschap met ouders) Parental involvement in the city The issue of parental involvement is an integral part of the teacher’s professional profile. Among other things, teachers are expected to ‘provide parents with information and advice about their child at the school; involve parents in class and school activities taking into account theMeer lezen over “Parents as partners of the school… (Urban Education, 4)”

On establishing connections and high expectations for all pupils… (Urban Education, 3)

(translated from duth: Onderwijs in Brussel is… urban education, verbinding maken met ketten (3)) Knowledge about the pupils and their environment It is vital that teachers master the curriculum and teaching skills, of course, but these alone are not enough to be effective in a metropolitan context. Acquiring knowledge about the pupils and the world inMeer lezen over “On establishing connections and high expectations for all pupils… (Urban Education, 3)”

On superdiversity and differentiation… (Urban Education, 2)

(Translated from Dutch Onderwijs in Brussel is… urban education, superdiversiteit en differentiëren (2)) Significant individual differences… In a superdiverse classroom, we can no longer talk about groups of children: the non-Dutch speakers, the Turkish children or the disadvantaged pupils, for example. Each pupil is different and the differences are so big and spread over so many differentMeer lezen over “On superdiversity and differentiation… (Urban Education, 2)”

On the context of urban education, Brussels and superdiversity (Urban Education, 1)

In the average Brussels classroom we find pupils from very different migration backgrounds, who speak a variety of languages at home. There are also significant socio-economic and cultural differences and there are few ‘uniform’ groups. The white and black classes have disappeared, there is no majority or minority. A Brussels classroom is, by definition, superdiverse.

Education in Brussels & ROOM 26

“Great teachers have the ability to relate to kids !” – Martin Haberman I already shared the ideas of Dr. Martin Haberman (1932 – 2012) who has, among other things, developed interviewing techniques for identifying teachers and principals who will be successful in working with poor children. Education in Brussels & RELATE to kids!  Onderwijs inMeer lezen over “Education in Brussels & ROOM 26”

Education in Brussels & YOGA in the classroom !

(translated from Dutch: Onderwijs in Brussel is … YOGA in de klas! : in French: L’enseignement bruxellois et la pratique du YOGA en classe!) Teachers (in Brussels) are looking for an approach to manage stress and bring calm into the classroom. This is essential for learning, especially for children growing up in a metropolitan environmentMeer lezen over “Education in Brussels & YOGA in the classroom !”

Education in Brussels & RELATE to kids!

in Dutch: Onderwijs in Brussel is… VERBINDING maken ! “For children in poverty, success in school is a matter of life and death, and they need mature teachers who have a great deal of knowledge about their subject matter, but who can also relate to them.”, Dr. Martin Haberman, 2004 Above all, a teacher mustMeer lezen over “Education in Brussels & RELATE to kids!”

Education in Brussels & Community Schools

in Dutch: Onderwijs in Brussel is… MEER brede school ! Community Schools in Brussels started in 2006 with a few pilot projects. The Flemish Community Commission (VGC) then developed a vision and subsidy framework (2012) and a support structure in the Brussels Education Center. Thanks to this subsidy framework, 29 Community Schools have now beenMeer lezen over “Education in Brussels & Community Schools”