Education in Brussels & Community Schools

in Dutch: Onderwijs in Brussel is… MEER brede school !

Community Schools in Brussels started in 2006 with a few pilot projects. The Flemish Community Commission (VGC) then developed a vision and subsidy framework (2012) and a support structure in the Brussels Education Center. Thanks to this subsidy framework, 29 Community Schools have now been developed in Brussels. These Community Schools are increasingly successful in broadening and strengthening the learning and living environment of Brussels children.

It is time to take a new step. In the next policy period (2019-2024) it is important that we further develop the Community School in Brussels in order to give every child the chance to grow up in a broad learning and living environment.

More information about Community Schools in de brochure “Community Schools in Brussels”:

“Children in Brussels are growing up in an environment that is becoming more complex by the day. In Brussels, challenges such as multilingualism, diversity, social inequality and poverty also come into play. This metropolitan reality makes that children need a fair amount of competences to help shape their lives and environment. To give them the competences they need, an integrated and coordinated collaboration between education, welfare, youth, sports, culture, care … is needed. More and more schools, organisations and local authorities have become convinced of the power a Community School can have when it comes to giving children a chance to reach their full potential.

“Describing the Community School in all its facets and richness is not an easy matter for its format and content are very much dictated by the local context. The definition wants to leave enough room to allow for a tailored interpretation of the concept but also establishes three sub-aspects that distinguish the Community School:

  • Maximum development opportunities
  • A broad learning and living environment
  • A wide network”

“A qualitative Community School aims to enhance children’s and youngsters’ development in five areas.

  • Health
  • Safety
  • Talent development and funSocial participation
  • Preparing for the future”

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Gepubliceerd door Piet Vervaecke

Directeur Onderwijscentrum Brussel

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